The best way out is always through."

--Robert Frost

Mental Health IS Health

The mind and body are connected. In short: your body does not work efficiently without mental wellbeing. Your ability to navigate uncomfortable thoughts and emotions impacts how you manage stress, how you sleep, how you eat, how you feel, how you relate to others, how you make choices and decisions, and ultimately, how you behave. Mental health is one of the routes to physical health.

How Psychotherapy or Coaching/Consulting can help:

  • Increase emotional awareness

  • Increase compassion for self and others

  • Develop your “wise mind”

  • Identify your values and live a purposeful, values-driven life

  • Improve your ability to choose effective responses and behaviors

  • Increase resilience and master adaptation to change

  • Improve communication and increase connection with others

  • Recognize and accept what is, and find peace of mind in any circumstance

  • Live a more authentic, joyful, and meaningful life

Why "Sage"?

Sage is another term for wise, but it does not refer to a purely intellectual or sensible form of wisdom, it includes insight and perceptiveness. It is the kind of wisdom that you cultivate when you integrate your rational / logical / reasonable mind, which is focused on thinking, and your emotional mind, which is focused on feeling. Marsha Linehan referred to the balance between your rational mind and your emotional mind as your wise mind. It is the middle path, the mind that doesn't just think or feel, but knows. It is the home of intuition and mindfulness.